Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just So Ya' Know...

It's almost 10pm here. My hubby is working, my son is staying at his sister's house...and I am checkin' out blogs and catching up with everyone.

I just commented on my dear friend Julie's blog...and on sweet Kristi's blog. I noticed that when I posted my comments, the time posts in whatever time zone the blogger lives in. So if you are on the east coast, it looks like I am online at 1am! Now I am not saying I would never be online at 1am...but most nights, the chances are pretty slim.

So I just wanted y'all to know...I do enjoy reading your blogs. Just not usually in the wee hours of the morning. : )

Update on the Plastic Palace...

Yes, we are still living in the Plastic Palace. : ) Tomorrow it will have been two weeks. Our contractor says it will be done by tomorrow....but Rande and I are not so sure. There still seems to be a lot of work to be done.

In the meantime, we continue to live in our bedroom. It's like living in a hotel room. If any of you have ever had an extended stay in a hotel, then you know what I am talking about. We have our little "set up" in the bathroom....cups, water, fruit and snacks. It's actually funny when I think about it, because it's not a our house! : )

We tried to start our Nutrisystem, but realized it's just not going to work this week. Our kitchen is still completely under plastic and to move the plastic to uncover even a small bit of counter space...well, it sends that fine, drywall dust...EVERYWHERE. So, I can't even make a salad. It's such a bummer!

But we are trying to stay positive! : ) Work is being done!! Whoohoo! (Besides, in the scheme of things...this little bit of inconvenience is nothing, compared to what other people are going through.)

So...Zach and I are heading out this morning for the 5 hour trip to his fiddle lesson (2 1/2 hrs. one way). I am looking forward to spending this time with him, because he's still "living" with Ashleigh and John. He came home last night and had to sleep on our bedroom floor...poor guy! He slept horribly. So tonight after church, he'll go back over to Ash's...and hopefully be back home by this weekend.

Have a great day everyone!! : )

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Nice Surprise...

Yesterday afternoon I had a message on my answering machine from my good friend Janna. She was in our "neighborhood" on an outing with her family and wanted to know if we could get together. I was *so* thrilled she called and of course, we wanted to see them!!

We met at a restaurant in town (since the inside of our house is still covered with plastic) and for the next 2 1/2 hours we chatted, laughed, got all caught up and laughed some more. : ) Ashleigh and John were able to join us too, so Janna and her family met Troy for the first time.

Janna and I have known each other since we were in the 7th grade. We were friends throughout high school and went through our rebellious teen (and young adult) years together. We have been through a lot and she has been a true and faithful friend.

The most special thing about our friendship though is the fact that 17 years ago this month, Janna and I went to a Monday night Bible study together and both of us, at the same time, went forward to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior. She was a single, working, party girl and I was married with a little girl and very caught up in the world and myself. Together, we were a mess. But that night, 17 years ago...everything changed forever...for eternity. And we have never been the same since. Thank You, Lord!! We have both continued to grow in our relationship with our Savior and today Janna is married to a wonderful, godly man and they have three beautiful children. They homeschool and are actively involved in their church. Isn't God good? : ) Almost every time we talk on the phone or get together, we talk about that special night long ago and of God's grace and His faithfulness. And yesterday was no different. It is truly amazing what the Lord has done in both of our lives.

How good of the Lord to bring my special friend out here yesterday. It made an already wonderful Lord's Day, even better! : )

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Odds & Ends...

It's been a long week. Ashleigh and John are moved into their new house. They have been truly blessed by friends and family helping them all week to get unpacked and situated so they can live comfortably in their new house...for the next 5 months until the next move. My niece Tiffany came out to help and even babysat Troy so John and Ashleigh could have a date last night.

I went to the new house each day which was wonderful for me, because I've been able to see my grandbaby every single day! : ) And yesterday I was finally able to meet Dawn (A Bright New Dawn). It was so much fun to actually SEE her (and her pregnant belly)! Ashleigh told me I would instantly like her and she was right! She is definitely a kindred spirit...and she is moving just a few houses down from Ashleigh and John. Those two are going to have *way* too much fun...I can already see it! : )
We are still living out of our bedroom. :/ It looks like it's going to be this way for another week. We keep tripping over the plastic in the hallway and ripping it down. Sometimes the tape doesn't hold and it just comes down on its own. So we just keep putting it back up. Fun! LOL

We knew we were going to have some weeks where the house would be almost uninhabitable while work was being because of that and the fact both Rande and I need to lose some weight, we decided a few weeks ago to go on Nurtrisystem. Neither of us is really into "pre-packaged" weight loss programs, but we are going to try this anyway. : ) For a month. Maybe two. It's been *very* hard to cook during our remodel and right now I can't use my kitchen at all, so it seems the perfect time to do it. Plus, we both have some health issues that can be alleviated if we lose some weight. Today I am trying to get our notebooks together (this is the project I mentioned I was working on last weekend), get the food all organized and get to the store for the produce we'll need this week. We are going to give it a try....and I'll keep you posted on our progress.
If you have a moment, please stop by Amy's blog again. She was given her diagnosis yesterday. She needs our prayers as she and her husband seek the Lord for wisdom regarding some very difficult decisions they have to make. Amy is truly a testimony of God's sufficient grace in the midst of one of the most difficult trials anyone could endure. I thank the Lord for Amy and for the example of her unwavering trust in Him.

May you all have a blessed weekend! : )

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Prayer Request...

I know I said I wouldn't be back on here for a few days, but I read this post tonight and am asking if you would just take a moment to read it and please pray for Amy and her precious family. I have been following her story for a while and she has been through so much in her battle with leukemia. She truly needs our prayers. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

See Ya' In A Few Days...

Well, bloggy friends...things are in full swing around here...and at Ashleigh's.

Yesterday was moving day for John, Ash and Troy. What a day! It was a huge blessing to have all the help they had. I think we got almost everything into the new house except a few odds and ends. Their new house is so pretty! And new! And clean!! (It was so nice to not have to clean a house before you move in to it.) Rande and I both had a hard time coming home last night to our Plastic Palace (as Robin so appropriately called it ::wink::).

Can I just say something? I know she's going to be totally embarrassed I said this here...but I'm doing it anyway because....well, because I'm the mom. And...she doesn't have Internet access for the next 10 days, so who knows when she'll read this. : ) Anyway...I am so proud (and giving glory to the Lord) of my daughter's wonderful attitude during all this moving stuff. I mean, if you read her blog, then you know what I am talking about. There have been a lot of uncertainties, unknowns and changes in her life over the past few weeks. And anyone who really knows Ashleigh, knows she hates change.

But I tell you, she has been such an example to me, as she deals with a short notice move, the knowledge she is moving again in just a few months, a teething baby, lack of sleep, a crazy (but cute!) dog, her brother, her parents, people in and out of her house, her church commitments and a whole slew of other things she has going on. Ashleigh has been amazing through it all. And honestly, I am not just saying that because I'm her mom...really, I'm not! : ) Of course she has her moments, but she doesn't stay there. It's obvious she is truly leaning on the Lord through it all...and as her mom, I am thankful. It helps too, that she has a really great husband! : )

Anyway, the workers (for our house) won't be here until later this morning...and because I've been at Ashleigh's the last two days...I have some things to get done around here. And then I'm heading back out to Ash and John's (and then back home for church tonight...whew!). I'll be going out there each day for the rest of the week, which means I won't have time to blog. But I'll see you all in a few days and I look forward to catching up. So until then....have a great week! : )

Monday, February 19, 2007

Progressive Dinner Pictures...

On Saturday night our Sunday School class hosted a progressive dinner. It was a long night, but A LOT of fun. Thanks to everyone who opened up their homes to the wild and crazy bunch from Calvary Baptist Church. : ) I know I've posted a ton of pictures here, but I thought for those of you who use to attend CBC, it would be fun to see some familiar faces.

We started at the church with appetizers....

My date and I. He was such good company and one of the best dates I've ever had. He smiled and laughed at everything I said. What more could I want?! Good thing his grandpa is not the jealous type. : )

After appetizers, we all loaded up on the church bus and headed to the first house for the first course. This is Bro. and Mrs. Misner. Aren't they looking so cute?!! know this cute couple! This is Robin (Talks-a-Lot) and her Mr. Wonderful.

You know this family too...My sweet Ashleigh (HeartandHome) and her little family.

Troy and his Miss Jenny...she is one of his favorite people. No surprise there, as she is one of mine too! : )

Our first stop was the Ackley home, where we had our choice of delicious soups...chicken noodle or tortilla. The Ackley's have such a warm and inviting was a great place for our first course. Then it was back on the bus to our next destination. (Robin and Ashleigh)

After a 30 minute drive we arrived at the Misner home and this was the beautiful sunset we were greeted with. Bro. Misner was thrilled we were able to see what he sees nearly every night. It's times like these that make me thankful I live in the desert.

Before we ate the lovely salad Mrs. Minser and her girls prepared for us, we had to check out all their livestock. They train horses (I tried to get a picture, but the flash made the horses skittish) on their five acres. Here is a picture of Rocky the Rooster and a few of his friends.

And look! Robin found a friend!! Boy, did Shamrock the goat sure love Miss Robin! He even gave her a kiss! : )

Our final destination was another 30 minutes the Hert home. Not many of us had been to their house because they live so far out. When we arrived it was dark and we couldn't see the outside of the house, but the inside was simply gorgeous! Bro. and Mrs. Hert were so gracious to allow us to wander around and check out everything...

...even the bathroom!!

Mrs. Hert made quite the spread for our main course...chicken, steak, stuffed shells, green beans, was all simply delicious!

This table was set up in the entry way. Here are the Misners, the Hudsons, Bro. Short and the Knehrs.

Mr. Dave and Miss Janet (they are married, but that's what we call them). See that pretty lady? She is truly one of the most feminine (and godly) women I know. And do you know what she did recently? She shot and killed a bobcat that was on their property!! They live way out too and she was alone. The bobcat had been hanging around and started stalking her, so she had to kill it. She's amazing in my book!

This is Mrs. Hert, our hostess for the main course (and Robin's Mr. Wonderful). After we left the Hert house, we made the hour drive back to church for a devotion and dessert. Thank you to all the families for opening up their homes and to everyone who helped make the evening a lot of fun! (And for letting me take pictures and posting them on my blog!)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Isn't This Just The Sweetest Thing?

This is what I came home to after church today.

After getting off work at the fire station this morning (where he had been since Friday) and before he met me at church, my wonderful husband placed these beautiful flowers in just the spot where I would see them when we came home from church this afternoon. (Not that there are many places to put anything at the moment!). There was also a beautiful card thanking me for putting up with all the remodeling mess. Those of you who know the "whole story" of our remodel nightmare, know how much this very sweet gesture means to me.

What a guy! Thank you, Honey!! : )

**Oh, and notice the background? Plastic was the only appropriate background I could find. : )

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm Still Here...

Barricaded in my bedroom. : ) Can I just tell you all....this is *not* a whole lot of fun! Especially because I am bored "out of my gourd" as we say around here. Rande is working and Zach is still at Ashleigh's. I am trying to stay positive though, because all this plastic means work is getting done. And that is a good thing...a very good thing, indeed.

The cable repairman came yesterday afternoon, and could not figure out why the cable wasn't working. We surmised it might be something the workers did accidentally, because they were here when it went out. After about an hour of trying to figure out the problem, the repairman concluded he just didn't know and the better thing would be do wait until we were done with the ceiling work and have the cable re-routed.

Anyway...after the cable guy left, I did too. I had some errands to run and honestly, I wanted to get something to eat. The protein bars and fruit just weren't cutting it. (In case you are wondering, which you probably aren't, but just in case...the reason I only mention getting something for me to eat, is because Rande was working.) Of course while I was out, I took my sweet time. : ) For once, I actually didn't mind if the car in front of me was driving under the speed limit. I didn't give a second thought to parking way out there at Wallyworld or to the long line at the check out. It was nice to not hurry.

When I got back home, the last of the workers were here finishing up for the day. I am so glad the people working on our house are nice (and umm, honest!). It makes all the difference.

And you know the funny thing? Last night, I turned on the t.v. (it's in our bedroom) just to see what would happen...and it worked! I couldn't believe it. I have no idea why it wasn't working and why it is now. Strange! But I didn't watch much because, well... by that time I was totally engrossed in reading everyone's blogs and stayed up WAY too late reading all the "bloggity goodness" out there (as BooMama would say).

So today, I have a little project to do (I will tell you about it in a few days) and then I am heading off...with John and the progressive dinner our Sunday School class is hosting. I don't usually go to things like this without my hubby, but Troy is going to be my date. Not that you need a date to go, but you know...he's definitely good company, and he's cute too! : )

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

This Is My Life...

...for the next week. Fun, huh? : )



And guess what? More plastic!! Oh, and a dog. : )

As I write this I am barricaded in my bedroom because of the remodeling going on at our house. I literally cannot get to anything, except for what is in my bedroom. Before the workers got here this morning, I did grab some sustenance for later...protein bars, fruit and water. Oh...and I did manage to slip out the back gate and make a little jaunt to Starbucks to get coffee and danish. See my kitchen? I needed to go to Starbucks to get breakfast. Really, I did! : )

You are probably wondering why I don't leave for the day. Good question! I thought I'd go to Ashleigh's and help her pack. Goodness knows, she could use it! In fact, Zach is already there. He just could not do his school work with all this commotion going on in the house, so he headed to his sister's to concentrate on his school work and help her with Troy and packing. Funny thing is...every time I talked to them yesterday it sounded like anything other than concentrating or packing was going on. : / It sounded more like they were having *way* too much fun. : ) (On a side note~ Ashleigh is actually a pretty tough taskmaster when it comes to making sure Zach gets his school work done. )

Anyway...back to why I can't leave for the day.

I can't leave because our cable t.v. is out (we get no reception without it...nothing, nada) and the repairman is supposed come sometime between dawn and dusk. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration of the time frame...but you all know how it goes. So I have to be here when the repairman comes...whenever that might be. And I realize that some of you reading might be thinking, "Well it's good her cable is out. She shouldn't have cable anyway." I completely understand. Believe me I do. We went without cable for years and even without a t.v. for a while. But that's a whole 'nother post. : )

So while I am barricaded in my bedroom and waiting for the cable repairman to come, I get to have some extended computer time. Woohoo!! How nice is that?!

I am wondering though, how we are going to live with all this plastic covering for the next week. We weren't aware they were going to cover everything at one time. We are planning on helping John and Ashleigh move next week....we may just have to camp out with them! Did you hear that Ash?! ; ) LOL It will work out no matter what. We are just happy work is getting done on our house.

Ok, well...I am off to catch up with y'all and see what's happening in the bloggy world. Don't be surprised if you hear from me again. I have a feeling it's going to be a long day! : )

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine Cup...

Yesterday, Heather (JustLaugh) asked for a picture of my very cute, very red cup from Starbucks. So here it is:

My guys were *so* sweet!! I love red anything, so I was especially happy to receive this for Valentine's Day. Thank guys! : )

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a glorious day! As I sit here drinking coffee from my very cute, very red coffee cup from Starbucks~that my guys gave me this morning~I can't help but reflect on God's love. When I think about my Jesus, I think of His loving kindness and patience towards me.

I was in an awful place this time last year. I was very angry and bitter about a lot of things~mostly having do with our house remodel situation and the fact our contractor had taken our money and left us with a mess (financially and literally). I remember pleading with God to help me, but my stubborn heart would not give. What a terrible place to be!

Slowly, ever-so-slowly, things began to change. I was so tired of everything~my heart was weary~truly it was. I was at a place where I wanted things to change, but I felt weak and unable to move forward.

And this is where God stepped in; or I should say, I allowed Him to step in. Of course He never left me, but I was so very stubborn and clinging to what I thought was my right to be right. I began asking the Lord to forgive me for my selfishness, of my ugly wretchedness and lack of faith. I began reading, really reading, His Word~His living Word. Oh, I had been faithfully having my devotions, but had not been faithfully abiding in the heart changing words I was reading.

You know what? It worked! My heart began to soften and the Lord began to restore what was broken~my joy, my spirit, my relationships. My circumstances had not changed (at that point)~I still had an unfinished house and our contractor had not paid us back the money he owed. But I had changed. My attitude had changed and as I look back now, I am so thankful to the Lord for doing that work in my heart. He truly did "restore unto me the joy of thy salvation." Ps. 51:12

May you all have a blessed and wonderful day~~Happy Valentine's Day!! : )

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

He's the Smartest Dog on the Block...

Every morning, Zach lets Brodie out the front door and tells him to, "Go get it! Go find it!" And Brodie knows just what to do. He searches and searches until he finds his prize....

The newspaper!

Good dog, Brodie! I told you he was smart.

I love my dog, yes I do! : )

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Memories...Like the Corners of My Mind

I've been in a sort of melancholy mood today.

The day started out with an which made me want to crawl back in bed and start the day over. Of course Rande is working, which is usually the case when bad days happen around here. Because of my husband's job and the fact he isn't always available, I've had to learn that I can totally fall apart or totally lean on the Lord during these times.

But the purpose of this post wasn't to tell you about how my day started. : )

Yesterday would have been my dad's 76th birthday. He died January 15, 2003 when he was 71 (he was a young 71). Of course I remembered it was his birth date. It's hard to forget a date that has been implanted in your mind for as long as you can remember. I was so busy yesterday though, I didn't have much time to dwell on the fact my dad is not alive anymore to celebrate his birthday. So...give me a rough morning, my husband not being home AND missing my's almost a sure thing it's going to be one of those days.

I decided to get busy and get my mind on something else, so I ironed. I actually enjoy ironing. Call me crazy, but I find it relaxing. : ) I was doing ok until I started watching some sappy movie on the Hallmark Channel. When I first turned on the movie, a woman was crying and so I promptly started to cry! I didn't even have a clue as to why the lady was crying, but it was one of those days and I decided to join her.

At some point I stopped paying attention to the movie though and started thinking about when I was a little girl and my mom would always iron on Saturday. She would watch the Saturday afternoon movie on t.v. while she ironed. I remember playing happily nearby and waiting for a surprise tickle from the spray starch. It's such a happy memory for me. My parent's were still married and it was my dad's shirts that my mom was ironing. I began really thinking about my dad...about when I was a little girl...about happy times spent with him.

I have a lot of fun memories of my dad, but I have a lot of hard ones too. I am thankful that towards the end of his life, things were better between us. Not great, but better. Still though, when my dad died, not only did I mourn the loss of him, but also of what would never be. You a little girl you want to be the apple of your daddy's eye...and I was all that until my parents divorced. Things changed. For years I tried to figure out why the relationship between my dad and I had to change. After a while though, I just accepted what was and tried to make the best of it. And that's where things were when he died. It's hard to lose someone when there are unresolved issues, but I am so grateful the Lord has given me peace. Today as I was thinking about him, I truly was reflecting on the good memories.

God is so good, isn't He? The way He can take the hard and painful things in life and bring good out of them...only Jesus can do that. I am thankful too, that my day doesn't have to end the way it started.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are called according to his purpose."
Romans 8:28

Friday, February 9, 2007

Supergrass Pictures...

I know these pictures are a bit late, but I wanted to post a few from our trip to the Supergrass Bluegrass Festival last weekend. Those of you who aren't into bluegrass might be bored to tears with this post, but I know there are those of you who are right there with me! (*Waves to Ash, Kristi, Robin, Mitzi and Kina!*) We had a great time...probably one of the best festivals we've been to. It was nice that it was held at a convention center/hotel, so no one had to brave cold weather to hear or play good music. : )

Noriko and Zach playin' music Friday night (inside of an RV). Noriko and her husband Chris are just two of the wonderful Christian friends the Lord has brought our way through bluegrass music.

Rande playing "St. Anne's Reel"

Zach was asked to help out with the "Kids on Bluegrass" program. There he is over to the left with his little group of fiddlers. This is a great program that helps young musicians "show their stuff" in front of a live audience. Some of these youngsters are something else!!

Zach with his little group

This is The Kenny and Amanda Smith Band. We had seen them before in Nashville and we were very much looking forward to seeing them at Supergrass.

The Isaacs...awesome!!! If you have never heard this family group sing, you are missing out. They sing and people literally cry! Even if you don't care for bluegrass, you can hear them sing a cappella and it will send shivers down your spine.

I am posting another picture of The Isaacs because to me, they were (and the Kenny & Amanda Smith Band) THE highlight of the festival. I am sure it's no surprise to even those of you who don't live in California, it's a very liberal state. (No kidding, right?!) So to be in a public place, at a secular event and have these two bands play *only* gospel songs and give testimony of God's redeeming grace and sing (and talk) openly about Jesus and the gospel is well,...pretty amazing.

I can tell you this is not like when we go to Tennessee or Alabama and even if people are not Christians, they are not generally hostile towards the name of Jesus being mentioned in public. This is California, where if you aren't careful (and praise the Lord for those who aren't) you might "offend" someone and be asked to leave. (I am a born and raised California girl, so I can say this stuff! LOL)

In fact, back in the summer we went to San Diego to see Ricky Skaggs and his great band, The Kentucky Thunder. (Ricky Skaggs is no longer in the country music scene....he's all bluegrass!) Now for those of you who don't know, San Diego while being a beautiful city, is very liberal and has a large homosexual population. This particular venue was part of a summer concert series, so many of the patrons were there just because they had season tickets. Now we have seen Mr. Skaggs and his fine band before...but never in California and we wondered how he was going to do his show because he unashamedly talks about the Lord and what He has done in his life and sings songs with a gospel message. Well, he didn't change a thing and for his encore, he and his wife Sharon came out and sang a song called, "It Takes Three" about the how the Lord is to be the center of the marriage San Diego, a public place. And you know what? People were VERY offended. We heard all kinds of stuff after the show as we were walking out. But we just thanked the Lord. : )

A few months later when we were in Nashville, I talked to Mr. Skaggs and thanked him for taking a stand for Jesus when he played San Diego. He said he was actually told by the people heading up the venue that he needed to "tone it down" (he played Friday and Saturday night...we saw him on Friday) for Saturday's performance. And he told them no. He told them if he had to change anything, then he wasn't going to play. So they let him play. : )

Now (as I step down off my soapbox...LOL), I realize these performers are not perfect and may not do everything the way *I* think it should be done (because y'all know I have it ALL down, right?!! LOL) but I am ever-so-thankful for those performers who are not afraid to stand for the Lord...even when it's hard. And it makes me think about my own life and how I can let the "fear of man" keep me from sharing Jesus with others.

So while I thought I was going to the bluegrass festival to hear great music and meet up with good friends, the Lord actually had a lesson for me. He's good like that, isn't He?

Have a blessed weekend!! : )

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I'm Here! I'm Here!

I have received a few gentle nudges from friends wondering if everything is ok. I feel so loved! : ) Everything is fine...we had a wonderful trip to the bluegrass festival and I will try to post pictures in the next couple of days.

I have been busy with laundry, homeschool group stuff (we head up our little group), house stuff and yesterday I had an endoscopy done. Fun, fun! : / The test itself went fine. I was put under mild anesthesia and felt pretty awake after the test, but a few hours later I was so tired and was in a dream-like state for most the day. It was so weird! And today I watched my precious grand baby for a bit while his mama went and got her hair cut.

I think things are slowing down now, so I am hoping to catch up with everyone over the next few days. I really miss knowing what's happening with everyone!

Happy Wednesday!! : )

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bobcats, Homeschooling and Other Fun Stuff

Today we had a little visitor. Actually, it wasn't little, but looked more like a big cat. I guess that's because it was a big cat. Earlier this afternoon, while I was busy grading some of Zach's school papers, I heard Rande call..."Come quick! There is a bobcat in the backyard!" Of course Zach and I went running out to see, but all that was visible to us was the bobcat's tail. It wasn't actually in our backyard, but in the empty lot next to our yard. It's not unusual to see wildlife here in our semi-rural desert community...but we've never seen a bobcat so close to our home before.

My guys wanted to immediately go out and see it up close. Call me a party-pooper, but I finally persuaded them that maybe it wasn't such a good idea, considering all that was separating the bobcat from them was a 4 ft. chain link fence. : / Rande called animal control to report the sighting and the nice lady came out, took the report and said there was nothing to worry about unless we saw it stalking us. Alright-y then...I guess we won't worry!

Now to the homeschooling part of my post. Am I the only one who hates to correct, grade and record their child's school work? I love homeschooling and after 14 years you'd think I might have a better handle on it...but I don't. This is my least favorite thing to do and so sometimes I get behind, which I always regret. And when you are homeschooling a highschooler, it's serious business as far as grades and record keeping go. So today I was feeling a tad bit overwhelmed (thanks for praying Ash!) but tonight I am doing much better and everything is graded and recorded...yeah!!

Tomorrow we are leaving for a trip we've had planned for awhile. We'll be heading to Bakersfield to attend Supergrass. Yep...another bluegrass festival! I am very excited to see the Isaacs again and of course, catching up with our bluegrass friends.

Have a wonderful rest of your week...and I'll catch up with y'all when we get back!! : )

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