Friday, June 29, 2007

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

Isn't that what little boys are made of?

Well, I can tell you that is not what big boys are made of--specifically teenage boys. No, teenage boys (at least the boys I've been around this week) are made of funny jokes, helpful hands, the ability to play endless hours of video games and stomachs that never seem to get full. : )

I have also found that teenage boys will talk your ears off--if you are willing to listen.

This week we have had the pleasure of having two of Zach's good friends stay with us off and on. It truly has been a delight having them in our home--these boys are polite, kind, helpful and appreciative. They enjoy having a good time and they love the Lord.

Rande and I are thankful the boys have this time together, because in August they will go their separate ways. One is going into the Marine Corps, the other is going to Pensacola Christian College and Zach being the youngest, will begin 11th grade.

Last night we had the pleasure of spending the evening with two brothers (and their dad). Our families are friends and they had graciously invited us to a concert in San Diego (for the benefit of my bluegrass friends--we saw Alison Krauss and Union Station--and we had backstage passes!! Woohoo!!! Thank you Stacey and Eric!).

Anyway, while I have spent time with these two boys in the past, I hadn't had a lot of time to just talk with them. I was so impressed with how articulate, smart and funny they are. These boys also are kind, polite and gracious and they are being raised in a good Christian home.

So you know what I've been thinking? I've been thinking what a blessing it is to be around boys who love God, love their parents and enjoy being with them, are polite, kind and helpful. Are they perfect? Nope. They all have their struggles like the rest of us. Do they always have the right attitude? I know them well enough to be able to say no--but they trying. As any of us who have adult children can attest to--while the teen years are wonderful, they also have their challenges. These boys are trying to do the right thing.

And while I haven't seen any snakes or snails this week--I have seen a few puppy dog tails and happy boys having a good time and that has blessed me to no end.

Have a great weekend!! : )

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Confessions of a Twitterpated Grammie...

Those of you who read Ashleigh's blog will know that I stole this picture of Troy from her most recent entry. : )

Well, I didn't actually steal it. I did ask her if it would be alright if I used it--because I love this picture and it so captures Troy and his personality. And of course, Ashleigh being the good daughter that she is, said okay.

But then I had to make a confession.

I confessed to Ashleigh that I go to her blog at least once a day, just to look at this picture. I'll click on it to enlarge the photograph and then just smile at my little Troysie as he smiles back at me. Sometimes that little smile even moves me to tears.

You see--I love that little guy in the picture--so much more than I could have ever imagined.

When Ashleigh was pregnant with Troy, people would ask me all the time if I was excited to be a grandmother. Excited for a precious little one to join our family--yes. But excited about being a grandmother? I just didn't know. I mean, I was only 39 when Troy was born and we still had a 15 year old at home. None of my friends were grandmothers. When I thought of a grandmother, I pictured my own grandmother--or my mom, because she was the Grammie--not me!

Now that I am the Grammie, I can tell you it is more wonderful than I can put into words.

That little guy in the picture melts my heart. He always makes me smile--even when he's being a stinker. I love the way he reaches for me when he sees me. I love how he snuggles up in my lap as we read books and how he sings his little songs for me. I love his happy little laugh. I love his inquisitive nature and how he's interested in everything. I could go on an on...

But it's that smile. And I need to see it. At least once a day. : )

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I am so excited! You know why?

Because after 2 1/2 weeks, I am headin' to church tonight! : ) I have missed church so very much and while I've been having some really good study time and prayer time with the Lord during my recovery--I have been missing the fellowship with my church family and the excellent preaching of my pastor.

So I'm off! Hope y'all are having a great evening!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fallen Heroes...

I don't know if you have heard about the 9 firefighters killed yesterday in Charleston, South Carolina--if not, you can read about it here. The news reports say it's the worst death toll for firefighters since 9/11.

As the wife of a firefighter, this hits close to home. It makes me realize how often I take for granted the dangerous nature of my husbands job. Of course I pray for his safety while he's at work, but when he leaves for his 24 hour shift, I don't think much about what he might face--which is probably a good thing, otherwise I'd be paralyzed with fear each time he left for work.

So if you have a moment, would you please pray for the families of these firefighters--and for their fellow comrades. Thank you!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Will You Say Yes?

I wanted to share something I read today that very much spoke to my heart. This excerpt was found in a devotional book* I'm reading and it's from the book "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life" by Hannah Whitall Smith.

"Dear friend, I tell you the Lord is in your heart. Since the day of your conversion he has been dwelling there. During all that time, every moment might have been passed in the sunshine of his sweet presence and every step taken under his advice. But because you did not know it and did not look for him there, your life has been lonely and full of failure.

But now that I make you aware of this, how are you going to receive it? Are you glad to have him? Will you throw every door wide open to welcome him in? Will you joyfully and thankfully give up your life to him? Will you consult him about everything and let him decide each step and mark out every path? Will you invite him into your innermost chambers and share your most hidden life with him? Will you say "yes" to his longing for union with you? Will you, with a glad and eager surrender, hand yourself and all that concerns you over into his hands? If you will do this, your soul will begin to know something of the joy of union with Christ."

Blessings to you all,

Mishel : )

*Women of Character by Lawrence Kimbrough

**Edited to add: I'm not meaning to imply this spoke to my heart because my life has been "lonely and full of failure" as it says in the first paragraph. : ) The second paragraph is what really spoke to my heart--because these are questions I felt I need to be asking myself regularly.

So Anyway...

I didn't make it to the bluegrass festival. That's probably a good thing because on Saturday I came down with "pink eye".

Yep, it's true. Can you believe it?

I have only been out of the house once since my surgery and that was on Thursday when I went to the doctor for my post-op appointment. I did have my hubby take me to the library to check out some books after the appointment, but then I went home. On Saturday morning I woke up--by this time I was at Ashleigh's--and I knew the yuck in my eye was not a good sign. So, Ash drove me to the little urgent care in town and I was in and out in 30 minutes with a prescription for eye drops.

Today my eyes are clear, but I am still sanitizing anything and everything I touch. I am praying, praying, praying that no one else in my family gets it. And I guess if I have to have something contagious, this would be the time to have it because I am not going out of the house much anyway.

Fun times, wouldn't ya' say?! : )

Friday, June 15, 2007

I've Got the Bluegrass Blues...

I am so sad. Truly, I am. : (

My guys left this morning for a bluegrass festival. This particular festival is one of our favorites and we go every year. Lots of our friends go and it's just a really great time. We had purchased tickets months ago, never knowing I would be having surgery and not be able to attend. I thought I might try to go (and I'm still thinking about how to get there!! LOL), but with the heat and crowds, I didn't think I could handle it. When you attend bluegrass festivals like our family does, you have to have endurance. Those late nights of pickin' and visiting with friends take a toll on you!

So the plan instead is for Ash, Troy and I to hang out while the guys are gone. John is attending a class in central California, so it's just us girls and a really cute little boy. Oh, and two dogs.

Well, I guess I'll go console myself by listening to bluegrass on my ipod. And you never know, I may just get to that festival after all!! : )

Have a great weekend y'all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Been One Week...

And I am feeling pretty good! : )

As Ashleigh reported, my surgery went well, with no complications. Praise the Lord! I received very good care while in the hospital and have received lots of tender-loving-care while I've been at home. My family has been wonderful. They've been very good about making sure I hardly lift a finger--I would say they are definitely spoiling me. : )

My recovery is going great and I'm thankful to report I've had no complications. I've had two times where I did something I shouldn't have done--like jump out of bed and go running down the hallway when I heard Troy (my grandbaby) screaming after he pulled the release valve from my hubby's air compressor. The other time was when I lifted the lid off of the toilet tank because the toilet was going to overflow (long story--but our bathrooms are being remodeled as I write this). As soon as I lifted it off and set it down, I knew I should NOT have done that. : (

The only little "blip" during my recovery has been the death of our laptop. I was VERY sad when this happened last Saturday, because at that point, I could not sit comfortably on the little stool we use at our current set up for the regular computer. (How was I going to live without the computer!! LOL) But my husband--being the wonderful and gracious man that he is--went out and bought us a new one! What a guy! Now I can catch up with y'all! I've missed you!

I'm also spending lots of time these days reading my bible, working on my bible study, reading good books and enjoying time with my family. It's amazing the conversations you can have when things slow down a bit and you can just sit and talk. It's been really nice.

When you are "down" like this, it's also a good time to pray--and I've done a lot of that too. Since my last hospital stay back in April (when I was diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia) and the cardiologists talked to me about reducing stress in my life as well as some other things--I've been praying and talking with my hubby about what I can do to alleviate some of the unnecessary stress. The last two years have been by far, the most stressful we've faced as a family, and particularly the past few months. Some things need to change and it's time to re-group. The Lord has been good to confirm the specific areas and so now it's up to us to make the changes. Change is never easy, but when it's directed by the Lord--it's always good. : )

Today I am at Ashleigh and John's (I've been here since yesterday). The remodel continues and since the bathrooms are being worked on right now, home is not the easiest place to be at the moment. Ashleigh made their guestroom so warm and cozy for me--I feel right at home. It's been fun spending time with Troy, even though it makes us both sad that I can't pick him up.

So that's what is happening here. Thank you for your prayers and big hugs to you all. I'm doin' good! : )

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Surgery Update

Hi everyone, this is Ash.

Mom's surgery went well yesterday. It lasted about an hour and a half and she came out of surgery to the melodious sounds of that harpist. She was shortly reminded by the pain that this wasn't heaven. :smile: By yesterday evening, when Zach and I went down to the hospital (it's about an hour and a half away from my home), she was quite awake and doing pretty good. She'd been up and walking around the hospital floor and was able to eat. This morning when I talked to her, she sounded very tired and groggy... the anesthesia had worn off completely by then and she's not feeling quite as good as she did last night. She was supposed to come home this morning after breakfast, but that didn't happen for whatever reason, and we're expecting her home in the next few hours... sometime this evening.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. As always, it is such a comfort to know so many dear friends are praying!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm Off!

Well, not yet. But I will be. My surgery time is 7:15am tomorrow morning and I have to be at the hospital by 5:30am--which means I have to get up REALLY early in the morning. Like 3:45am early (the hospital is 45 minutes away). Yikes! Good thing I will be so out of it later, I won't even know how tired I am! : )

We are attending my nephew's graduation tonight and celebrating our son-in-law's birthday. After the graduation ceremony, a big group of us are heading over to the Olive Garden. Woohoo! Nothing like one last hurrah before surgery!! LOL

Thank you all for your prayers and sweet comments. Y'all have been such prayer warriors on our behalf these past few months. I truly appreciate and thank the Lord for my bloggie friends. I will ask Ashleigh to post an update in the next few days. I'm sure she won't mind. : )

Hugs to you!

Happy Birthday John!

Happy Birthday to our son-in-law, John!!

We love you and thank the Lord that He brought you into our family. We could never have asked for a better guy for our Ashleigh. We appreciate how you love your little family--but most of all, we appreciate that you love the Lord with all your heart. May you have a blessed day today!!

A Night to Remember...

This past Friday night our church's Christian school hosted their annual "A Night to Remember" dinner. The dinner is for high school students and their parents and is held at a beautiful bed and breakfast here in the desert. We appreciate that the church school includes the homeschoolers each year.

Out in the middle of the desert, off of a dirt a lovely bed and breakfast. Who would have thought?!

I just had to get a picture of one of the rooms and show y'all. Isn't it just beautiful?! The whole house was gorgeous--it definitely didn't feel like we were in the desert. Not that we don't have beautiful homes here in the desert, but this house seemed more like a southern home, rather than a desert home.

The homeschoolers--Laurie, Zach and Monique. Mo is a senior and later in the evening, she blessed us all by playing her clarinet.

Bloggie buddies--me, Ashleigh and Robin

Zach and his buds : )

Ashleigh and two of her favorite guys--her Daddy and her John.

The dinner menu included stuffed chicken breast, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans--all of it was simply delicious!

After dinner, two of Calvary Baptist Church School alumni gave testimony to what the Lord has done in their lives since graduation. Here is Miss Holly sharing her testimony--she is currently a senior at Pensacola Christian College.

Dessert was to-die-for banana cream pie. Seriously, it was the best banana cream pie I have ever tasted.

Pastor Scott Kirkland brought the evening message. Even though we all just finished a delicious meal and dessert, he easily kept our attention. : )

Our family (minus John--the picture taker and our little Troy, who was home with a sitter).

Our pastor and his family. We thank the Lord for this precious family--we are very blessed to have them in our lives.

It was a wonderful evening--good food, good message and great fellowship! : )