Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An excellent read...

I just read an excellent post from my good friend Julie at Living By Grace and I wanted to share it with you all. I love when she writes stuff like this!

If you need some encouragement to better love your man...then check out Julie's post and be blessed.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's all about the food...

It all started on Sunday. For our Sunday-after-church-dinner we had BBQ tri-tip, roasted red potatoes (coated in olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley), steamed broccoli and green salad. Oh, and brownies with ice cream for dessert. : ) Rande and Zach went on and on about how delicious the meal was and how they loved "meals like this".

Yesterday morning it was very cold and windy, so I made oatmeal (a family favorite) with cinnamon and vanilla. Again, my guys went on and on about the meal. Yeah. All that just for a bowl of oatmeal! I know! Zach even told me later that when he heard (and smelled) what was for breakfast, it made his heart sing. His heart sing?! Yep, that's what he said. About oatmeal!

So because I'm on a roll in the cooking department--and because we had left over tri-tip--we had sandwiches (with au jus), baked macaroni and cheese and Cheddar Waldorf Salad for dinner last night. The mac and cheese is probably our family's favorite comfort food, but the last time I made it (the day Ashleigh's husband left for the Sandy Spot), I did something wrong and it tasted like it had baking soda in it. I've been making this for years and I'm not sure what happened, but everyone graciously ate it. Anyway, I'm happy to report that last night's attempt was a success!

It doesn't take much to impress my guys. They just want to eat good food--and I think most guys do! We are all happier now that I'm getting back into my groove of menu planning and cooking. Over the course of our remodel, we ate out more times than I care to remember and zapped more frozen burritos in the microwave than I care to admit.

And you know what is funny? It's been almost a month since I organized my kitchen and I still forget where I put things. Last night I needed to slice apples for the Cheddar Waldorf salad and was looking for my apple slicer. I had to look high and low before I finally found it. I had put it in a good place--in a drawer where the mango slicer and all other manner of slicers are located--but I just didn't remember that is where I had put it. Because well, my kitchen wasn't so organized before. : )

Totally changing the subject here and this may be more info than you care to think about--but have you ever been in the shower, right in the middle of doing something important like shaving your legs, and the water suddenly starts to turn cold? In the dead of winter? When the house is still chilly from when you turned the heater down the night before? Well this is where I found myself this morning.

Both my guys had already showered and I had just finished doing the breakfast dishes (I made honey wheat pancakes--I told you, I'm getting back in the groove! LOL). We have a good size water heater, but with two showers and dishes, I guess a third shower was more than it could handle. And I'll tell you what--I don't know if I've ever shaved my legs as fast as I did this morning! So fast, I even cut myself. Then I still had to rinse the conditioner out of my hair! It was crazy! But I'm all better now! : )

And since it's all about the food--tonight's menu is Tortellini soup, salad and garlic bread. Yeah, my guys will be happy! (ETA: Rande just said to tell you all that Tortellini soup is the best tasting ugly soup there is! There's just something about the spinach in it that freaks people out, but it is really good!)

Blessings to you,

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It comes naturally...

His daddy is an amazing musician. One of those people who has a great ear and can pick up just about any instrument and play it. And sing? Boy, can he sing!

His mama plays the piano beautifully and has been singing since she was a little girl. Her Grandma Margie use to teach her songs about Jesus and silly songs too--and they would sing them over and over.

So it's no wonder...

It was such a blessing having our little Troy these past few days...

May you have a blessed Sunday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy days...

I'm still here! I've just been busy being a wife, mother and Grammie.

Since I got home Monday from Ashleigh's I've been meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning bathrooms, returning phone calls, laundry, organizing and trying to get school papers graded. I still have paperwork to do for our homeschool group and make up a new schedule for our Bake-n-Take ministry at church (people bring baked goodies each Sunday and we make up plates to hand out to first time visitors).

I took Rande to the orthopedic doctor yesterday to look at his wrist. It's getting better, but he was a little concerned about some pain he was still having. More x-rays were taken and the doctor said he saw what "looked like" a hairline fracture on a bone that is "not a bone you want to break". Great. So now we pray and wait until Rande goes back next Thursday for more x-rays. For now he's in a temporary cast to keep the wrist completely immobile. This is bad news for a lot of reasons, but especially if you have a job where there is no "light duty" and Rande really needs to get back to work. Between his back injury last summer and his dad's illness in the spring--he doesn't have much time left to be off of work. If you think about it, please pray that when he goes back next Thursday the little line the doctor thinks he saw on the x-ray, will be gone. Thank you!

The rest of the week proves to be just as busy. As I write this, Rande is driving to meet Ashleigh half-way to pick up Zach (he's been at Ashleigh's since Monday night) and Troy (he'll be with us until Saturday). We are so excited to have Troy come stay with us and it will help Ashleigh get her bearings. She's hangin' in there! It tough and she misses John terribly, but she's doing it. We have felt the many prayers that have been offered up for our families. One night while I was at Ashleigh's, we were on our laptops reading your comments and emails and we both broke down crying. We are overwhelmed with how the Lord has used you precious ladies (and a few men) to bring encouragement during a very difficult time.

Tonight starts the missions conference at church, so there will be services every night through Sunday. I'm working in the nursery tonight, which means I get to be with my grandbaby! The only problem is Troy has a *very* hard time understanding why his Grammie has to give some of her attention to the other little ones. : ) Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in the morning ( a 40 minute drive--one way) and Zach has fiddle lessons on Friday (which is an entire day of driving). And of course there is school work to be done in the middle of all that! Whew! I probably won't post much over the next few days, as I really want to take the time to visit you and see what's happening in your lives. So until then....

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who prayed and continue to pray for Ashleigh, John and their little family. We said our goodbyes to John yesterday morning and I hope I never have to do something like that again. We've experienced the joy of welcoming soldiers home--but have never been close enough to experience the sadness and heartache of saying goodbye.

We love John and thank the Lord for the husband he is to our daughter and the daddy he is to our grandsons. Yesterday as we watched him leave, I couldn't help but remember the many prayers that were lifted up to the Lord when Ashleigh was growing up--prayers for the man she would one day marry. My heart was full of thankfulness as I watched John get on that bus. God not only answered our prayers, but exceeded our expectations. He's not only our son-in-law, but a friend. He's a wonderful "big brother" to Zach and someone we all just enjoy having around--whether it's to discuss spiritual issues or play a rousing round of the "magazine game" (long story!). I'm so thankful he is a part of our family. Thank You, Lord.
Now we move forward. It's not going to be easy for this little family--but they are trusting in their Savior to be their daily Source of strength and ever present help. As Ashleigh's mom, I can become overwhelmed for her and wonder how she's going to do this day in and day out--with two little ones. As John's mother-in-law I worry about his safety. Then I remember Who loves them even more--and I also have to trust and rest in Jesus.

The Lord has provided a wonderful support system within their church family and Ashleigh has many friends who are willing to help her. Our extended family has been such a blessing too--their prayers and phone calls have been a tremendous comfort. My sister-in-law and niece came out yesterday and we had a sweet time of fellowship at Ashleigh and John's house (and of course lots of food! ::smile::). I know it was a great encouragement to Ashleigh because she didn't want to come home to an empty house. Thank you Tiff and Sheri!!

Rande and Zach are going home tonight and I'll be staying with Ashleigh and the boys until Monday. From there I'm not sure how it will all work out, but we are only 2 1/2 hours away and are committed to helping in any way we can. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of Ash and the boys--whether we go out to their house, they come to ours--or we meet halfway and take Troy for a few days. John's folks have committed to help also. They live in Colorado and I believe Ashleigh will be making a few trips out there. (If you think about it, please keep them in your prayers too.)

And of course, to our dear bloggy friends--you all are the best! Your prayers and support have been overwhelming and such an encouragement. We thank the Lord for each one of you!

Have a blessed weekend!

With a grateful heart,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If I could...

I'd make it better with a hug and kiss.
I'd let her climb up in my lap and tell her it will all be better soon.
But she's not that little girl anymore. And life is sometimes hard.
I can't make it all better with a hug and kiss this time...

Please be praying for my sweet Ashleigh and her John...and of course Troy and baby Merritt.
The day we've all been long dreading,
is coming very soon.
Forgive me for being so vague,
but I can't have any details make their way into the wrong hands.

I'll be able to write more later.
For now, please pray for God's comfort...for His peace...for His loving arms to carry this precious little family through. And please pray for John's folks too. Thank you!

God's grace is sufficient. Always.

Blessings to you,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Forgiveness, memories and a trip to the slopes...

Today marks the five year anniversary of my dad's Homegoing. Hard to believe it's been five years.

My dad and I had an interesting relationship. When I was little he was my hero. I was a daddy's girl to be sure! My parent's divorced when I was eleven and when I was fourteen, my dad remarried.

The years after he remarried were tough--the relationship between my dad and I was forever altered. By the time he died, I had come to accept our relationship as "it is what it is" and was just thankful for any time we had together. On his deathbed, his wife apologized for her jealousy toward me and for how it kept my dad and I from having much of a relationship. We both cried, as we realized you can't go back in time. What's done is done. She felt bad and I knew I needed to forgive her. It was hard. Very hard. And I'll be honest with you. At that moment and for many days after, I didn't feel like forgiving her. It was only by God's grace and a dear friend reminding me of the truths found in Matthew 6:14-15 and Matthew 18:23-35, that I can say I have forgiven her. She has made great efforts to make things right between us and I am thankful something good has come out of all the hurt. Of course I'm sorry this didn't happen while my dad was living, but God's ways are not mine and so I just trust Him. I can't dwell on all the "what ifs" and "whys".

Switching gears--sort of--yesterday we made our way back up to the mountains for a day of skiing. Actually, Zach and his friend Thomas went snowboarding again and I skied-- without my beloved, which was very sad. The weather was perfect, so Rande sat on the patio of the ski lodge, with his book and his ipod. I felt bad for him as he looked so sad with his sprained wrist (it is healing)--but he had assured us he wanted us to go and have a good time. So we did! : ) We would stop now and then to check in with him. Rande said it was good though, because it gave him an appreciation for all the times his mom sat in the lodge or on the patio (she wasn't a skier) while he skied.

So what does this have to do with my dad? Well, it was my dad who took me skiing for the first time. He learned to ski when he was in high school and during his years at UCLA, he would make trips up to Mammoth on the weekends. When he married my mom, skiing fell by the wayside because my mom wasn't the outdoors-y type. I never knew of my dad's love for skiing until a little movie* came out when I was in the third grade. My dad was very excited to see the movie because he had seen this girl at Mammoth. After seeing the movie with my parents, I knew I wanted to learn to ski.

After my parents divorced, my dad decided to pick up skiing again--and he wanted me to learn too. We headed to Mammoth during Christmas break, took lessons and from then on I as hooked. My dad eventually bought a vacation home and regular trips to Mammoth became the norm during school breaks. Even my boyfriend (who later became my husband! ::smile::) loved skiing and Mammoth--he would often go up with his brother and/or his mom. And because the drive to Mammoth was a long one, day trips to Big Bear would suffice. Once Rande and I were married, the tradition carried on and both my children have fond memories of trips to Mammoth and Big Bear.

So yesterday as I rode the chairlift up the mountain for the first run of the day--memories of my dad came flooding back. Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and thought of my dad. We may have had some hard times and there may have been a lot of hurt--but I wasn't remembering any of that. These were the good memories. The shared moments of fun and laughter. Of a daughter entering into her dad's world and sharing it with him, if even for just a short time. Thank You Lord, for giving me these precious memories of my dad--and for the opportunity today to make memories with my son.

I love you dad...and I miss you.

Thanks for letting me be real, my dear bloggy friends. Much love to you,

*This movie is not one I would recommend you let your third grader watch. : )

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend happenings...

This morning Rande and I got up early and headed out to our local farmers market. I love going to the farmers market--but Rande loves it even more. He loves to sample all the fruits and veggies, tasting each one for it's flavor and ripeness. Then there are the specialty breads--jalapeno cheese, cinnamon raisin, crusty french and beautiful loaves of whole wheat. I have to remind Rande that we can't possibly eat that much bread in one week, otherwise he'd buy one of each!

The farmers market is like a meeting place. We see all kinds of people we know--and catch up with old friends too. Today we saw a couple we hadn't seen in years and it was good to find out what they've been up to. You also get to see some of our town's more eclectic crowd. I overheard a lady introduce her male friend to another lady:

"Jean, this is Wolf." (Wolf was dressed in a sort of mountain man outfit--with buckskins, beard and very interesting jewelry.)

They exchanged pleasantries and then Jean said, "Didn't I meet you at the Coyote Festival?"

I have no idea what the Coyote Festival is--but it doesn't surprise me that our town has one. : )

After Rande and I left the farmers market, we went to a favorite little cafe for breakfast. You know how some couples go on date nights? Well, we do date mornings. A few times a month we'll go to breakfast--usually after Rande gets home from his 24 hour shift. The place where we go is nothing fancy and if you're not from these parts, you might pass right on by the little cafe--but it's a favorite local eatery. It's always crowded and the food is excellent!

In the afternoon Zach had a friend over to our house. Brock is a new friend and is a direct answer to prayer. When Zach's two good buddies left this summer--one for college and the other for the Marine Corps--he was very bummed. We began praying and lo' and behold the Lord brought a new family to our church this past fall and they have a son Zach's age (they actually have four boys). Zach and Brock immediately hit it off. They found out they have a lot in common and the biggest blessing is that Brock's family lives just around the corner!

The boys stayed at our house for a few hours, played the Wii and snacked on warm chocolate chip cookies. Then Zach and Brock headed to Brock's house for dinner and games with his family. Since it was going to be just Rande and I at our house for dinner, we decided to do something special--steak and shrimp! Rande (with his one good hand) grilled the steak and sauteed the shrimp in butter, garlic and Parmesan cheese. We had roasted red potatoes and a beautiful green salad--all made with ingredients we bought at the farmers market. Our dinner was absolutely delicious!!

Tonight we are all together again--and it's been a good day. A very good day. We look forward to tomorrow and being together with our brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so thankful for our church and for our pastor. There was a time when we didn't have a church family (that's a whole 'nother post!) and I'll tell you--I don't ever want to take for granted the blessing it is to meet together with other believers and hear the preaching of God's Word.

Speaking of a blessings, I wanted to point you to another "good read" if you haven't already been there: my dear friend Heather at JustLaugh has written two excellent posts here and here. There is so much I could say regarding this matter and I've written a very long post--albeit in my head! : ) I appreciate Heather's very articulate posts and for now, before I say anything myself, I'm reading through the scriptures she mentions. Actually, Rande and I read through Romans 12 and 14 yesterday during Zach's fiddle lesson and we had the best discussion of these passages of scripture. There is nothing like the Word of God to point us in the right direction.

So that's the happenings around here. I hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Blessings to you,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A most excellent read...

One of my favorite blogs to visit is Ann at Holy Experience. Her writings pull me in and speak to my heart in such a way that draws me closer to Christ.

Today's post was so good. If you have a moment or two, take time to stop by and read it. You won't be sorry.

Blessings to you all, on this happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good times and the rest of the story...

Don't these two boys look happy?

Zach and his friend Thomas were very happy, as this was the scene yesterday just before they headed out for a day of snowboarding at one of our local ski resorts. There was fresh snow and good weather, so Rande thought it would be great to take the boys and head to the slopes.

Now let me say this: we are a family of skiers. No one has ever tried snowboarding, but Zach's been wanting to and it seemed like a fun thing to do while Thomas was home from college.

Rande was undecided whether he wanted to snowboard because he's a skier, ya' know. (And between you and me, I think the idea of spending most of the day down on the snow, rather than gliding over it--had a lot to do with his hesitancy). But in the end, he decided to try snowboarding. He knew it wouldn't be easy and would probably be more than slightly humiliating--but what a great bonding experience with his son and his son's friend! : )

They started the morning with a lesson. I talked to them mid-morning and all was well. It was hard, but they were all having fun. Then...

At about 1pm I received a call from my husband telling me he'd just "tweaked" his wrist. Bad. He was coming off the chair-lift and when the person riding with him started to fall, Rande lost his balance too and caught himself by falling back on his wrist. Not good.

He left the boys to finish their fun (and they did have a blast!) and headed to the ER. He was pretty sure it wasn't broken, but it was swelling quickly and hurting pretty bad. We didn't know if I was going to need to drive up and get them or if Rande would be able to drive home. I just started praying. I called Ashleigh and John and asked them to pray. Rande is a firefighter and he sort of needs his wrist to be in top working order to do his job. : )

After seeing the ER doctor and getting x-rays, turns out it's not broken--thank You, Lord--but a bad sprain. It's in a brace and he's taking pain meds--with orders not to work for two weeks. Rande loves his job, so those orders were not something he wanted to hear. And all he can think of besides missing work, is he's home but can't do anything that needs to be done. Poor guy.

The boys finished out the day, while Rande read a book. He's not use to sitting on the sidelines, but he's just thankful it's not a more serious injury. Me too!

Next time, I think Rande should stick to skiing. : )

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Seasons of homeschooling...

Yesterday morning I was talking with a friend while we were working in the nursery at church. I was telling her how the cold, windy weather made me think about a few of my favorite memories from our homeschooling years.

When my children were younger and it was cold and blustery outside, we would start a fire in the fireplace, which was in the dining room. I'd light the oil lamps and put a kettle of water on for hot cocoa. There would be soft music playing and candles lit. Chances are the smell of homemade bread would be wafting through the air. Ashleigh and Zach both have always had vivid imaginations (thanks to reading lots of good books) so they would often "do school" dressed up in whatever period of history they were interested in--for Ashleigh that meant either colonial or Victorian. Zach most often came to the table as Davy Crockett (in his real buckskins and coonskin hat) or Sgt. Alvin C. York.

We won't talk about how sometimes they would be so much "into" character that they needed to be reminded, gently of course, that there was school work to be completed. Ahem.

Sometimes I really miss those sweet days of homeschooling. It's not that I don't enjoy homeschooling a highschooler. It's just different. There's a lot more book work, grading, and things that need to be done. And while both my kids are great kids who love the Lord and desire to make good choices--they still have had issues and struggles to deal with. Just like their mom. : )

When my children were young, homeschooling could be exhausting and overwhelming as I tried to juggle the needs of everyone (especially a husband with a very demanding job that kept him away from home for days at time) and my household. It was during those years that the Lord showed Rande and I through His Word, that my most important ministry was to my family. It's not that I didn't ever serve at church, but I had to learn (the hard way) that there are seasons of life for each of us--and as a wife and mother, with young children and homeschooling--this was not my season for being involved in a lot of ministries that kept me hopping from one place to another.

It was very hard for me to let go of some things that were good--but were not necessarily the best use of my time. People I loved and cared about had expectations of me and it was hard to let them down. I was often misunderstood--and as a self proclaimed people pleaser--that was very difficult. But the Lord used it for good in my life as I learned it was okay to say "no" to even good things and instead say "yes" to the best. And now that one of my children is married with a family of her own and the other one is on the brink of leaving the nest--I am so very thankful that I made the choice to follow the Lord rather than what others expected of me.

So here I am, soon to be entering yet another season as Zach is a junior and we only have one more year of homeschooling left. There are things I look back on and wished I had done differently and there are days I wanted/want to throw in the towel. : ) But most of all I'm thankful--thankful for wonderful memories and precious moments with my children. And I'm thankful for the hard times too. Because it's all worth it. It really is.

Blessings to you,

Friday, January 4, 2008

What I've been doing...

This week I've been organizing my kitchen. What a job!

When we started the work on our house back in 2005, we had decided to hold off on the kitchen as it had only been a few years since we put in new counters, sink and appliances. Well, this past summer, since it was 2 1/2 years later, we thought maybe we should go ahead and remodel the kitchen too. After discussing it between the three of us, we decided that we were all just too tired to keep going. We needed a break--and we needed to get our life back. It will get done one day, but probably not until after Zach graduates. The kid just needs one year of high school without our home being a wreck! : )

But I'll tell you, even though the workers covered all the cabinets with plastic and took great care to keep everything clean, that drywall dust is so fine it gets into everything! So this week, I've pulled every last thing out of my kitchen cabinets, washed it all, cleaned the cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap and then gave them a good rub down with Howard's Restore-a-Finish (this stuff is amazing!). And replaced all the shelf liner.

I've thrown out (put in our garage sale pile or passed on to Ashleigh) a ton of stuff too. I won't even tell you how many plastic containers I had with missing lids! Too many! And why in the world do we have four sets of silverware?! Oh, and boxes of tea--we had fifteen! Yes, fifteen. We aren't even big tea drinkers! Crazy, I know.

It's been a bit overwhelming at times and I'm not quite done, but it's wonderful to have everything clean and organized. My guys are pleased with results too--even if they can't find everything right away. I wish I had taken before pictures (trust me, the before was scary!), but here is the pantry. It's a little sparse right now, but that's ok--it will get filled up soon enough!

Tomorrow we are getting together with our extended family for dinner and a time of fellowship before John leaves. It will be bittersweet, to be sure. There will be a lot of laughter--but I'm sure a few tears as well. Thank you for continuing to pray for Ashleigh and her little family.

Blessings to you all,

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year...A New Look

Happy New Year!

And yes, if you are looking for Mishel at Seasons of Life--then you are in the right place! : )

My sweet Ashleigh decided that since it's a new year and there are many new changes in my life (our home remodel finally coming to an end, a new grandbaby, new hair color, losing 10 lbs.--woohoo!) that I needed a new look for my blog. I *love* it!! Ashleigh worked many long hours between nursing a baby, taking care of Troy and of course John, to make my blog look so pretty. And it's very me! She knows her mama well! (She also knows I wouldn't have a clue on how do this myself.) We still have some minor tweaking to do, but we were both anxious to get it up and running. So thank you to my sweet girl for all your hard work. I truly appreciate it and you too!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and New Year. I did some catching up with y'all last night and it sounds like most of you did--and that you are ready for a new year. Me too! Let's just say 2007 was not one of my most favorite years. We lost Rande's dad, my mom had some serious health issues, and I had more hospital visits in this one year than in my entire life. If I had to use one word to describe 2007, it would be: stressful!

As a family we also faced some challenges as we tried to work through the stress of our remodel (aka-The Nightmare). By the time we are totally finished, it will have been three very long years. But with thankfulness in our hearts to the Lord--He has seen us through and we are almost there! Honestly, looking back I can say I'm thankful for some of the stress and trials because through it all--the Lord revealed areas in our lives that needed to change and we've grown stronger in our relationships with Him and each other--and that's a very good thing. And God, in His graciousness, brought our precious Merritt just in time, so we could say, "See! The year wasn't all that bad!". : )

This New Year I didn't make any resolutions. Sure, I have some goals (spiritual and practical) that I'd like to work on--but I am entering this year with a hopeful expectancy of what is ahead. I am excited to get back to the homemaking I so love to do--I've truly felt like a fish out of water these past three years. Since I became a Christian many years ago, it's been my heart's desire to have our home be a refuge and place of rest for my family and anyone else the Lord brings to our door. This has been (for me) the most difficult aspect of our remodeling ordeal--not being able to minister in that capacity.

And while I'm not the most creative person, I am looking forward to getting back to sewing and making gifts for people--and scrapbooking! How I've missed scrapbooking! All of these things were packed up long ago and it will be a happy day to get that sewing machine out and organize my scrapbooking stuff.

I know too, that 2008 will not be without it's challenges--as most of you know my son-in-law is getting ready to leave for that "sandy spot" overseas very soon. I cannot imagine being in Ashleigh's shoes, and trying to prepare for life without her beloved this next year. Two little ones--2 years and under--is a lot to handle with your husband home! Rande, Zach and I are committed to helping in any way, as are John's folks. Plus, Ashleigh has a great support network at her church. So once again, we lean on what we know to be true--God is good and His grace is sufficient--always!

Before I leave this rather rambly post, I wanted to share with you today's devotional from Dr. Paul Chappell, pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church:

As we start a brand new year, there are a lot of unknowns. Maybe you are concerned about the coming economic conditions, or maybe you are nervous about the outcome of this year’s election. The truth is, whatever the future holds, you can be sure it will not come as a surprise to our Saviour. In Revelations 22:13, Jesus says, "I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last."

Jesus Christ knows the beginning from the end and you can trust that wherever He may lead you, it is for your good. As you seek revival you can trust that God is both able and willing to work all things together for good to them that love Him. Leave the future in His hands, and allow your focus to stay fixed on trusting Him.

Doesn't that just bless you?! We don't know what the new year holds for each of us, but Jesus does! Praise Him!

Happy, blessed New Year to all of you--my dear bloggy friends!