Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A different kind of summer goodness...

I work in small farming town just outside of Omaha. The folks that come into the clinic come from all walks of life, but most have some sort of ties to farming. My coworkers talk about the weather and how it affects crops and gardens.... and what they are going to can or 'put up' for the winter months. (And I am the lucky recipient of lots of garden fresh produce!)

There's talk about sheep and chickens...cows and pigs. Lots of talk about corn. This is Nebraska after all. : )

People talk a lot about helping each other and 'giving a hand' if you need it.

It's about community. It's about coming together when times are good...or difficult. It's about serving together and working hard.

I am completely fascinated by this way of life. This Cali girl has never been around folks like this, who live like this. I am such an outsider, but I am welcome. Always welcome.

And what a lovely be welcomed...accepted. : )

Hugs to you all on this Wednesday--half way to the weekend--yay!!!


Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Being accepted... truly welcome. Yes, yes, it is a thing of beauty.

Your tomatoes are perfection. <3

Samantha R. said...

It sounds so wonderful! I'm glad your accepted and welcomed and so loved there. Farmers are usually generous people. I love that walk of life; growing things from the ground up and watching a miracle unfold before your eyes. We harvested our first BIG RED tomato today!! (been getting cherry ones for a few weeks)

Your tomatoes and the picture are awesome!!

Steve n Vickie said...

That about sums up the way of life in the mid west :D