Monday, August 16, 2010

Morning light

I've always loved the first light of the morning...the sun shining through the windows, casting long shadows against the walls and floor. Or the hazy light of a cloudy sky. Either way, I love morning light.

In my former California home, I had a favorite spot where I'd sit every morning--drinking my coffee, reading my bible, praying, journaling--enjoying the first quiet moments of the day. In fact, even when my children were wee ones, they knew that if Mama was in her spot, they must tread quietly. (Although they were always welcome to join me.) I loved the big picture window, with the view of our old mesquite tree and Joshua Tree National Park.

(And this is about as far as I allow my mind to go...for the memories are sadly, overshadowed with pain...)

Now in my Omaha home, the first moments of the day are met with the sound of an early morning alarm and the rush of getting ready to leave and work a 10 hour shift. And while my mornings are very different than my life in California, I am so thankful I have a beautiful, peaceful drive every morning. There is no traffic, no rush. Instead of desert landscape, I have rolling green hills and fields of corn--old barns and farm houses--that lead into the small (but very busy) rural clinic where I spend my days.

And then I have my Monday mornings. Oh, how I love Monday mornings! Sometimes I sleep in, sometimes not. I love the slower pace. If the weather is nice like today, I get to enjoy my coffee while sitting outside, watching the sun filter through the trees--I can read my bible, pray, journal, write a blog post. : )

So what about you? What does your morning light look like?

Blessings and hugs to you on this happy Monday morning... : )


Gretchen said...

It all depends on the morning, the routine changing each day of the week, each month of the year. Some mornings, Merritt's been out baling all night. Others, he has to get up early to irrigate. A precious few, we get to sleep in a few extra moments. But there's rarely an early-morning quiet moment around here, much as I crave them!

When I was still single and working and going to school, I took the back roads as much as I could, and loved that drive, as you do...

Samantha R. said...

Blessings to you on this Monday morning, too!
Don't you just love country drives? They are perfect for thinking, reflecting, praying and just being still.

Steve n Vickie said...

Most mornings are busy getting the girls up and ready, but occasionally I snatch a few minutes to go out and sit in the gazebo.
When its cold out, I like to sit on the floor(pathetic I know) in front of the deck sliding door. It feels so good with the sun on my shoulders.

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

My morning light has been grey with clouds for most of August. But every morning is begun with the stirring of a little boy {I always wake with one on each side of me}, many kisses and snuggles, and always a little two year old voice saying, "I'n still hung'y, Mama." :)

Troy learned to climb the little tree in our yard this week... crazy how I fought the lump in my throat while I taught him where to put his feet, how to swing himself up to the next branch... sigh. Love you.